Employees – the keys to our success

We need employees forged from special steel to solve demanding tasks that are constantly changing.

  1. Responsibility – our employees take responsibility and stand by it.
  2. Solution-orientation – it’s good to recognise problems, but it’s even better to solve them. Our employees know and live for that.
  3. Mistakes – we all make mistakes and learn from them. That’s why we get better every day – little by little.
  4. Team – we live for team spirit. Openness, honesty, trust and respect in dealing with one another are the fundamental values of our business.
  5. Leadership: the managerial staffs of our company lead co-operatively and involve employees in decisions. Honesty and encouragement, plus the delegation of responsibility, form the basis of our co-operation. We promote and support our employees’ strengths and interests as much as possible.
  6. Health: the health and safety of our employees are the greatest assets that we protect. We are continually improving ourselves here and striving to achieve the highest certifications for occupational health and safety.

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